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Property Index

Many of the streets and buildings in Lower Bemerton have changed their names.  This index identifies the  location of present and previous names.  Click or tap on the red link to go straight there.


Abrazos, 13 St Andrews Road

Aburi, 89 Lower Road

Afton Cottage, 58 Lower Road

Albion Place, 113-121 Lower Road

Angel Cottage, 119 Lower Road

The Alders, 31 Lower Road

Almora, 9 St Andrews Road


Bankside, 7-29 St Andrews Road

Barn Orchard, 62 Lower Road

Bay Tree Cottage, 31 Church Lane

Beckinsdale, 17 St Andrews Road

The Beehive, 18 St Andrews Road

Belvedere House, 64 Lower Road

Bemerton Social Club, 123 Lower Road

Bemerton Dairy, 31 Lower Road

Bemerton Dairy, Bemerton Farm, Lower Road

Bemerton Farm, Lower Road

Bemerton House, 71 Lower Road

Bemerton Road/Street, Lower Road 

Benin, 14 Skew Bridge Road

Beulah Hall, behind 24 Skew Bridge Road

Beulah Place, 26 and 28 Skew Bridge Road

Beaulieu Cottages, Gramshaw Road

Boathouse Meadow, Cherry Orchard Lane (south)

Borstal Villa, 55 Lower Road

Boundary Close, Wilton Road

Bramley Cottage, 39 St Andrews Road

Bridge Cottage, 42 Lower Road

Bridge Cottage, Broken Bridges, Lower Road

Bridge House, 42 Lower Road

Bridgeford, 48 Lower Road

Brierley, 61 Lower Road

Bright’s Villas, 1-9 Skew Bridge Road

Broken Bridges Cottage, Bridge Cottage, Lower Road

Burden's Field, Cherry Orchard Lane (south)


Cead Mile Failte, 39 Church Lane

Cecil Terrace

Cherbury, Church Lane (west)

Cherry Orchard Lane

Cherry Tree House, 2-5 Hadrians Close

Church Cottages, 132 and 134 Lower Road

Church Lane

Church Lane Close, Church Lane

Church Villas, 139-147 Lower Road

Clarendon Villa, 24 Skew Bridge Road

The Coach House, 153 Lower Road

Cook’s Farm, Bemerton Farm, Lower Road

The Cote, 58 Lower Road

Cricketfield House, Wilton Road

The Croft, Lower Road

The Curate's House, 1 St Andrews Road



Dairy Cottage, 76 Lower Road

Dairy Cottage, Bemerton Farm, Lower Road

The Dairy Shop, 31 Lower Road

The Dovecote, 155 Lower Road

Dulce Domum, 53 Lower Road


East Villa, 39-41 Church Lane

East Wing, 157 Lower Road

Elm Cottage, 50 Lower Road

Elm View, 20 and 22 Skew Bridge Road

EMA Terrace, 139-151 Lower Road


Farthings, 136 Lower Road

Fitzgerald’s Farm, Broken Bridges, Lower Road


Gardener’s, 76 Lower Road

Gecko Cottage, 117 Lower Road

Glebefield, 130 Lower Road

Glenmore, 5 St Andrews Road

Gramshaw Road

Gramshaw Villas, Gramshaw Road



Hadrians Close

Heatherleigh, 12 Skew Bridge Road

Herbert House, 118 Lower Road

Herbert Villas, 37-41 Church Lane

Hermitage, Lower Road

High Trees, 126 Lower Road

High Trees House, 128 Lower Road

Hill Terrace, Syringa Court, Cherry Orchard Lane

Homelands, 45 and 47 Lower Road

Homelands Kindergarden, The Croft, Lower Road 

Hopkins, 10 Hadrians Close

The Hut, site of 78-82 Lower Road


Ilfracombe, 46 Lower Road

Ingleholm, 49 Lower Road


Jessie Cottages, 39-41 St Andrews Road


Kew Villas, 39 and 41 Lower Road

Keymore, 128 Lower Road


Limbury Villa, 59 Lower Road

Linda Villa, 4 Skew Bridge Road

Lorna Doone, 63 Lower Road

Lower Road

Lynton, 55 Lower Road


Maida Villa, 2 Skew Bridge Road

Mallards, 6 Hadrians Close

The Manor House (pre-1838), Lower Road

Manor House (post-1838), 83 Lower Road

Meadow View, 65 Lower Road

Monteviot, 51 Lower Road

Montgomery Terrace, 1-21 Lower Road

Moxham Villa, 57 Lower Road

Myrtle Cottage, Church Lane



Nadder Cottage, The Hermitage, Lower Road

Nadder Dale, 91 Lower Road

Nadder House, Lower Road, between 76 and 78

New Buildings, 1-17 Church Lane

New Road, St Andrews Road

New Terrace, 123-131 Lower Road

Newlyn, 44 Lower Road

Nythfa, St Andrews Road



Old Church Lane, Church Lane

The Old Dairy, 31 St Andrews Road

The Old Orchard, 93 Lower Road

The Old Paper Mill, Broken Bridges, Lower Road

The Old Rectory, 108 Lower Road

Orchard Road

Orchard Villas, 14 and 16 St Andrews Road

Osborne Cottage, 37 St Andrews Road



Parish Road, Lower Road

The Parish Room, 84-86 Lower Road

Port House, 118 Lower Road



The Railway Cottage, 13 Gramshaw Road

Railway Terrace, Cecil Terrace, Lower Road

The Rectory, 108 Lower Road

Rectory Cottages,122 and 124 Lower Road

The Red House, Hadrians Close

Red House Cottage, 88 Lower Road

Rest Harrow, Bemerton House, 71 Lower Road

Richmond Terrace, Gramshaw Road

River Cottage, Bridge House, 42 Lower Road

River House, 9 Hadrians Close

Riversfield, 159 Lower Road

Ronsburgh, 29 St Andrews Road

Rosebery Terrace, 125-131 Lower Road

Rutland, 6 St Andrews Road



Sally's Field, 126-130 Lower Road

The School House, 138 Lower Road

Selwyn, 3 St Andrews Road

The Shop, 31 Lower Road

Sidney Cottages, 97-111 Lower Road

Sidney House, 153-159 Lower Road

Sidney Terrace, 97-121 Lower Road

Sigrist House, 65 Lower Road

Silver Birch, 9 Hadrians Close

Skew Bridge Road

Southside, 20-48 St Andrews Road

Southwell, 46 Lower Road

Spring Villas, 33 and 35 St Andrews Road

Squarey’s, Belvedere, 64 Lower Road

Squarey's Orchard, 87-95 Lower Road

St Andrews Road

Stour, 8 St Andrews Road

Stourpaine Cottage, 1 St Andrews Road

Summerleigh, 16 Skew Bridge Road

Sunnyside Cottages, 133 and 135 Lower Road

Swiss Cottage, Cherbury, Church Lane



Tally Ho, 8 Hadrians Close

Tower House, Bemerton Farm, Lower Road



Uphills Cottage, Myrtle Cottage, Lower Road



Village Road, Lower Road


Waterside, Lower Road

West Wing, 43 Church Lane

White Ash, 95 Lower Road

Whitsbury Villas, 6 and 8 Skew Bridge Road

Wilson Terrace, 31-37 Lower Road

Woodbine, 18 Skew Bridge Road

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