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Who lived here?

123 Lower Road


At the end of the 19th century, the Bemerton Conservative Club, as it was then known, was built on a piece of ground donated by the Earl of Pembroke.  In later years, the Club became the  Bemerton Conservative Working Men's Club and is now simply known as the Bemerton Club.

125 Lower Road

In 1901 Walter and Agnes Dredge were the first to occupy this cottage with their three young children, when Walter was a coach painter.  George and Elizabeth Creighton and their daughter Gwendoline lived here in 1911, when George was employed as a ‘breeches maker’ for a local a tailor; they were still living at this address in 1925.

127 Lower Road

In 1911 Willie and Annie Porter occupied this house, when Willie was a motor painter. In 1913, Frank Alsford and his family lived here.

129 Lower Road

Elizabeth Couzins/Cousins and her son Sidney were here in 1911, along with their boarder Alfred Jones.  Elizabeth was a rug maker working from home and Alfred was a railway engine cleaner; they were still here in 1925.

131 Lower Road

In 1911 William and Florence Gamblin lived in this house with their two young sons.  William was a telegraph labourer on the railways.


133 Lower Road

In 1901 Charles and Jessie Lane lived in this cottage with their baby boy.  Alfred and Lucy Scragg and their three young children were here in 1911.  Bertie Bartholomew, an unemployed baker, was living with them as a visitor at the time of the census.

135 Lower Road

In 1901 Alfred and Amelia Trowbridge and their two children, Alfred and Amelia, lived here, when Alfred senior was a railway guard and Alfred junior was a domestic gardener.  By 1911, Alfred and Amelia were still living in the house but with their widowed daughter Edith Smith.

137 Lower Road

Located in the lane between 135 and 139 Lower Road, this workshop was previously known as Cosmo Garage, then Autobarn and is now known as Auto Jim’s garage workshops.

Bemerton Social Club
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