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123-131 Lower Road

Located to the left of Bemerton Club, this plot contained a meadow known as Long Close.  Thomas Scamell owned the plot at the time these properties were built.   He began life as a baker/grocer but subsequently became a master builder.  Thomas clearly did well and purchased Avon House, now a Grade II listed property at the Old Manor residential complex.  Thomas died at the age of 63 just before the Lower Road properties were built - in the event by John Hardy of Hamilton Road, Salisbury, in 1900. The houses were initially named New Terrace.  But by 1901, when all four cottages had been occupied, they were renamed Rosebery Terrace after former Prime Minister, the Earl of Rosebery. 

New/Rosebery Terrace

133-135 Lower Road

Previously known as Sunnyside Cottages, these two houses were built before 1897 on a meadow known as the Hay Ground.  The name Sunnyside, which regularly appears in lists of popular house names, reflects the south-facing position of the cottages.

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