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    Bemerton Local History Society

Bemerton's Local History Society is concerned with the history of the village and its near neighbours.  From time to time presentations on national and  international  historical  events are provided in  St John's Place.

Bemerton is on the western side of Salisbury and is now a suburb of the city. However, Bemerton was a separate thriving village community and it has a rich history. George Herbert, the well-known religious poet, was Rector of Bemerton from 1630 until his death in 1633 and he finalised much of his work here. The area was also noted for its brickworks and claypits, many of which revealed evidence of prehistoric animals and Neanderthals.  But the true value of any local history club is researching, recording and reporting on local people and local events.

The Bemerton Local History Society therefore is working on developing the following :

  • Building our collection of old photos and memorabilia for exhibitions

  • Having speakers on topics of local interest

  • Recording the memories of older residents

  • Supporting individual research into local topics of interest

  • Retaining a local archive, with material displayed and stored in St John's Place

  • Promoting the history of Bemerton and its neighbours through regular talks and in articles and other material on the Society's website



Our publications include 'Bemerton in Wartime'. For further details please visit our Publications page.


Further Information

If you want to find out more about Bemerton Local History Society or have any ideas or updates for this website, please email:

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