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Hadrians Close


Hadrians Close and several properties fronting Lower Road were built on land which contained a farm house with farm yard, barns, stable, cow-house and sheds. The area also contained a garden and orchard.   Hadrians Close takes its name from the old Roman road which ran through the village. 


The builder’s intention was to make a crescent, allowing traffic to enter and leave via the existing point in Lower Road and via another point further east.  However, the cost of gaining permission was prohibitive and the builder instead erected the three terraced properties numbered 78-82 Lower Road.


Apart from the terraced houses in Hadrians Close, which were built in the late 1980s, the other properties in the Close were built either side of 1970.  The terraced houses were built on part of the site occupied by the former Red House. 


The small block of four apartments which makes up 2-5 Hadrians Close was originally known as Cherry Tree House, named after fruit trees grown nearby.

Cherry Tree House
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