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31-51 St Andrews Road

Who lived here?

31 St Andrews Road

26-year-old Walter Inkpen lived here as a single man,  running a grocery business known as The Stores.  He had started the business across the road, in one of the properties known No 2 Southside, but had moved into these premises by 1911.  Walter sold marmalade but expanded the business to include other products.  His parents  also operated a grocer's business but from premises in Wilton Road next to the Halfway House pub.  His mother was noted for making and selling faggots and peas! And it was probably she who made the marmalade.

31 St Andrews Road

Walter enlisted in the Army in 1915 but died from wounds received in action in Belgium in 1917.   Walter's name appears on the Lych Gate at St John’s Church among other casualties of the Great War.  


Later, this unusually narrow building had other uses, such as a dairy operated by Arthur Fulford.  This gave its name to the property’s current name - The Old Dairy.   Mr Gurd operated an upholstery business from here in the 1950s, and later the building was  a store for ladders used by steeplejacks on Salisbury Cathedral.   The building is now used for purely residential purposes.

33 St Andrews Road

This house was one of two known as Spring Villas.  Thomas and Elizabeth Rees lived here in 1911 with their two young sons.  Thomas was serving as a sergeant in the Army Pay Corps.


35 St Andrews Road

Also known as Spring Villas, Stephen and Florence Cure lived in this house in 1911.  Stephen was a locomotive boiler maker, which involved building and repairing train engines. 


37 St Andrews Road

Ernie Moore lived in this cottage in 1911 with his daughter Ethel and a boarder 79-year-old Harriet Downing.  None of them declared an occupation.  The house was known at this time as Osborne Cottage


39 St Andrews Road  


This house was originally known in 1911 as 4 Jessie Cottages, and now known as Bramley Cottage.  William Edwards was a railway wagon repairer and lived here with his wife Miriam and their two young children.


41 St Andrews Road

William and Alice Sims and their two teenage daughters lived in 3 Jessie Cottages in 1911.  William was employed as a carpenter and joiner. 


43 St Andrews Road

Charles and Sarah Bowden lived here at 2 Jessie Cottages in 1911 with their two young sons.  Charles was employed as a railway engine stoker. 


45 St Andrews Road

In 1911 William and Eliza Oliver lived in 1 Jessie Cottages with their young son George.  William, like his next-door neighbour, was a railway engine stoker.  By 1925 the house was occupied by Charles Pearce, who operated a butcher's business from the premises.  Charles did not stay long, however, and was replaced by  Alan and Gladys Lodge.  Alan operated the business, along with his two brothers (Doug lived next door) together with another butcher's shop in Castle Street, Salisbury.  A street directory of 1956 shows the St Andrews Road business was still operating.   

Bramley Cottage
Jessie Cottages
Osborne Cottage
Spring Villas

47 St Andrews Road

This house and the one next door (49) were built later than other properties in St Andrews Road.  George Beschi and his family lived in this house in 1931.


49 St Andrews Road

In 1931 the house was occupied by John Essery and his family.

By 1940 James and Mary Arnold and Minnie Leech lived in the house. 


51 St Andrews Road

This house was the most recent addition to St Andrews Road and was built in the 1990s on a site previously used to house garages.  

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