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2-18 St Andrews Road

Who lived here?


2 St Andrews Road 

Built later than the other houses in St Andrews Road, Charles Bowden and Beatrice and Peggy Warne lived here in 1940.   By 1950 Peggy had gone and Beatrice had married Charles. Leslie and Gladys Ackland were here in 1960 and Gladys was still here until a few years ago.

4 St Andrews Road


Built in the 1930s, Joseph and Beatrice Parkes lived here in 1940 until the 1970s.

6 St Andrews Road

Originally known as Rutland, the house was occupied by Fred Chalke, a clerk, in 1925.

8 St Andrews Road

Known as Stour and built in 1906, this house was first occupied by Charles Chaplin, who was employed as a locomotive engine driver.  Charles, who lived here with his wife Elizabeth Chaplin and their three young children, also owned 46 and 48 St Andrews Road.  The Chaplins lived at this address until the 1960s.

10 St Andrews Road

Mary Dewey was a widow and lived here in 1911.  Living with her were her two sons:  Hubert was a railway fireman and William was selling insurance as an insurance broker’s agent. Hubert was still living here in 1925.

12 St Andrews Road

In 1911 Thomas and Thirza Burt live in this house with their two children when Thomas was a general labourer. Their 30-year-old daughter Florence was single and was at home but had no job, while her brother Reginald was a foundry hand in an iron works.

14 St Andrews Road

Mary Crook and her four children lived in this house in 1911 when it was known as 2 Orchard Villas.  Mary’s husband was not at home at the time of the census and may have been away working elsewhere.  Three of the children were by her husband’s first marriage.  Fifteen-year-old Arthur was an office clerk in a school.

16 St Andrews Road

William and Ethel Treadgold and their young son lived here in 1911, when the property was known as 1 Orchard Villas.  William was employed as an engine turntable man.  In rail terminology, a railway turntable or wheelhouse was a device for turning railway rolling stock, usually locomotives, so that they can be moved back in the direction from which they came.

18 St Andrews Road

David and Annie Baugh, who were both over the age of 50 in 1911 and had been married for only two years, ran a shop from here known as The Beehive.  In 1925 Mrs Young had taken over and the business became known as the General Stores.  Mrs Young's daughter, Mary, is shown below in her WAAF uniform.

Beehive Stores
Orchard Villas
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