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Lower Road

In the 18th century, the ancient hamlet of Bemerton consisted of a main road, connecting the village with Wilton to the west and Salisbury to the east, with two lanes up to the High Bath Road, now known as the Wilton Road. 

There was a spread of properties along Lower Road occupied by a few large houses and a variety of small agricultural-type cottages. Almost all of the latter have now disappeared, some replaced by terraced properties designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population.   

By the mid-19th century, Lower Road was variously known as Parish Road, Village Road, Bemerton Street or Bemerton Road.  A few commercial opportunities arose, particularly for brick makers and lime burners, who made use of the excellent quality of brick earth on the rising ground between Lower Road and the Wilton Road


Some of the existing buildings have recognisable elements which date from the 16th and 17th centuries, despite having been adapted for modern needs.  The oldest property dates from the 13th century. and has now been split into two houses, 84 and 86 Lower Road.

Find out who lived on Lower Road by clicking or tapping the appropriate button below.  Odd-numbered properties are on the north side and even-numbered properties are on the  south side.

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