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St Andrews Road

The area between Lower Road and the Wilton Road contained good quality soil, initially used for growing apples and other fruits.  With the growing demand for housing in the 19th century, the orchards were replaced with brickworks. 


Both sides of St Andrews Road, and part of Church Lane, were last owned by William Whitehorn, a brickmaker.   The brickyard and eight cottages in Church Lane were sold to the Rector, Canon Francis Warre, in 1898.  Reverend Warre was a very wealthy individual and used his own funds to develop the land.  Twenty-five plots were auctioned in Salisbury on 23rd March 1904. 


The plan of the site in the sales catalogue described  the road running through the  area  as New Road, but  this was later renamed  St Andrews Road, to reflect the connection between Canon Warre and St Andrew’s Church.

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