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90-106 Lower Road

Built by John Wilkins in the 1970s, these terraced houses face the grounds of the old Riversfield House.  The original site was a paddock, forming part of the land owned by The Rectory and the Red House.

90 Lower Road


Carol and Roger Sidwell lived here in the late 1970s.  In 1989 Margaret Holt and Kathleen Pearce were here.

92 Lower Road

In 1979 Angela Webley occupied the house, followed by Margaret Munt in 1982.

94 Lower Road

Esther and Nicola Vaughan lived here in the 1970s.  Esther was living alone in the house by the end of the 1990s.

104 Lower Road


Among the first occupants of this house in the 1970s were      the Marsh family: Cyril, Jeremy, Martin, Pauline and Vanessa.

Muriel Jorgensen moved here in the late 1980s from her flat in Hadrians Close, following the loss of her husband.

106 Lower Road

In 1989, Jennette Blew-Jones occupied this property on her own and was still here in 1999.

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