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Who lived here?

139 Lower Road

Albert and Charlotte Nowell lived here in 1901, when Albert was a carpenter and Charlotte worked from home providing a laundry service.  In 1911 Albert had retired and they were joined by boarder Albert Oram who was a railway engine cleaner.

141 Lower Road

Miss Ellen Wilkins lived in this house alone in 1897 and was still here in 1911.

143 Lower Road

In 1901 William and Louisa Oram and their two young children lived in the cottage when William was a railway engine fireman.   Harry and Margaret Sanger lived here in 1911 with their three sons, William, Albert and Sidney who were employed as a general labourer, engine cleaner and a house and garden boy, respectively.  Their father William was also a general labourer and their boarder James White was an engineer. 

145 Lower Road

In 1901 Frank Eyres was a postman and lived here with his wife Fanny and their young son.  Caleb and Rose Candy lived in the property in 1911 when Caleb was a Prudential Assurance agent.

147 Lower Road

In 1901 widow Bessie Love and her 3-year-old son lived in the house, from where Bessie worked as a needle worker.  She was still here between 1911 and 1925 along with her son and a boarder Francis Middleton, who was a local government inspector’s clerk.

149 Lower Road

Emma Mitchell was also a widow and lived in this house in 1901 with her four daughters - the youngest was one-year-old Ruth - when Emma was a cab proprietor.  She was still here in 1911 with three of her daughters, with no record of Ruth.  Emma was still running her own business from home but now as a cab proprietor and a coal merchant.  Her eldest daughter Ella was self-employed as a dressmaker.  One of the other girls was a milliner and the third daughter was at school.

151 Lower Road

In 1901 Henry Billins, a single man employed as a railway signalman, lived here with a boarder, Thomas Eyres, who was a jobbing gardener.  Mary Feltham also lived here as their housekeeper.  George and Kate Goulding and their seven-year-old daughter Eva lived in the house in 1911 when George was an engine driver.

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